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Brandon Steven 

Brandon Steven Info

Brandon Steven is a very successful businessman, entrepreneur, and capital investor. He lives in Wichita, Kansas with his family. He is also a co-owner of several businesses and three hockey teams. He has become very influential through his mentor-ship program and motivation which he aims at bringing the best out of his employees. Brando inspires people to work hard and achieve more despite their current status and keep on dreaming bigger.

Business experience
While in high school, Brando has a great interest in cars. After graduating from college twenty-one year ago, he started a small car company. The company initially dealt with used vehicles that were sold by people in the city. The company has grown over the years giving birth to Brandon Steven Motors which is now a big automobile company. Brandon Steven is the president of this endeavor which has enjoyed growth in selling more vehicles and making profits. He is also the president for several car companies which they co-own with his brother.

Community projects
Brandon Steven and his brother Rodney Steven formed GFFT which is a project that was aimed at helping children through participating in physical activities. The foundation was established in January 2006. The reason for establishing this organization is to provide children with inspiration and motivation that will help them develop skills and esteem. Funding is provided on various projects that have been passed to assist young kids in their development. Those who show improvements are rewarded helping them to advance their skills and talents.

Engagement in sports
The Steven brothers have invested in supporting athletics and sports in the community. Recently, Rodger purchased Wichita Thunder hockey club that was previously owned by his brother. Brandon then bought Tulsa Oilers and Alien to bring competition to the league. Supporting the sport has seen many youths get a spot in the teams where they can participate in the main league.

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